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Everyday Concerns

Everyday Concerns

Benefits & financial issues

The benefits system is complex and undergoing many changes.


Confidentiality in relation to HIV status can be a really important issue.

Criminal prosecutions

It is possible to be prosecuted for the reckless transmission of HIV.


It is an unfortunate fact that some people living with HIV still experience discrimination.


For most people, living with HIV will not stand in the way of having a long and active work-life.

Family Issues

People living with HIV can have children and have fulfilling family lives, but sometimes they may need some advice and support.

Hate Crime

Some people living with HIV have experienced crime which is motivated by hostility to their HIV status.


Quality of housing and the stability of living arrangements can have a real impact on health.

Immigration and asylum

Many migrants to the UK are from countries with high levels of HIV.

International travel

A number of countries restrict entry for people living with HIV.

Newly diagnosed

Finding out you have HIV can be a life changing experience.

Telling other people

Telling people that you’re HIV positive can be a daunting prospect.

Treatment, care and support

HIV is now a manageable long-term condition, but extra support may still be needed.

Getting advice and legal aid

There have been significant changes to legal aid